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I'm a fan of Indonesia: history, arts, culture, and even just everyday stuff. These are my pages with pictures and info about Indonesia.

Sejarah Indonesia

Sejarah Indonesia, an online Time-Line of Indonesian history, has been serving the Internet with valuable information for nearly six years! You can also support Sejarah Indonesia now by becoming a customer of the Sejarah Indonesia Store.

Tour of Java

In 1993, I finally got to travel in Indonesia. You can see everything in my Tour of Java. Click on the city to go there!

Jakarta Bandung Cirebon Yogya Solo

Some of the pictures--and backgrounds--are also available in my ftp directory.

(Huruf Jawa)

The Huruf Jawa is the traditional Javanese alphabet. I had the first Huruf Jawa page anywhere in the world.

Kretek Pages

Kreteks are clove cigarettes, one of the most distinctive Indonesian products throughout the world.

Indonesia Books

You can shop for books on Indonesia in my personal online bookstore (in association with!

More links to other Indonesian pages, including many in Indonesia.

Gamelan is the classical music of Java: refined and civilized.


This bird design is from a batik 'cap' stamp from the 1920s. The design is worked in metal and attached to a base and handle about the size of a postcard, or a little larger. This stamp is then used to apply hot wax to cloth for batik.

(tulis work in progress)

More common, and to some people maybe more sophisticated, is batik 'tulis', where the design is 'written' by hand on the cloth with a special applicator. The applicator is like a small pipe with a metal bowl to hold the molten wax, and a hollow point to put the wax on the cloth.

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