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These are books about Indonesia in English. Australian readers seem to have no trouble finding them; this is for U.S. residents who have terrible trouble finding anything about Indonesia at their local bookstore.

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Culture Shock: Indonesia
Cathie Draine and Barbara Hall

Lonely Planet Indonesia

When you go to Indonesia (and I hope you will) this is the only book you should take with you. Comprehensive, even-handed, and uncannily accurate.

Everyday Indonesian : A Basic Introduction to the Indonesian Language & Culture
Thomas Oey

Finding proper books on the Indonesian language is just about impossible if you're in the United States. This little book will give you just enough Indonesian to be able to travel on your own. Useful cultural tips, too. Basic Indonesian is easy and fun to learn!

Indonesia Travel Atlas
Periplus Editions

Civil Islam
Robert W. Hefner
A Nation in Waiting:
Indonesia's Search for Stability

Adam Schwarz

A History of Modern Indonesia Since C. 1300
M. C. Ricklefs

The best general history of Indonesia available in English. Fascinating reading; excellent detail on the 1600s and 1700s. Good history of the independence struggle.


Shadow and Sound: The Historical Thought of a Sumatran People
James T. Siegel

James Siegel presents traditional stories from Aceh in context, along with some of his personal experiences and observations on Aceh. This might be the only book available in the USA about this fascinating culture, once an independent kingdom, at the northern tip of Sumatra.

Solo in the New Order: Language and Hierarchy in an Indonesian City
James T. Siegel

On the Subject of 'Java'
John Pemberton

Subversion As Foreign Policy: The Secret Eisenhower and Dulles Debacle in Indonesia
Audrey R. and George McT. Kahin

The events of 1957-58 and the PRRI rebellion in Indonesia, told with special attention to covert U.S. actions. Also has info about the events of 1965-66.

Louis Frederic, Jean-Louis Nou (Photographer)

Fabric of Enchantment: Batik from the North Coast of Java
Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Harmen C. Veldhuisen, Rens Heringa


Historical Atlas of Indonesia
Robert Cribb


Shadows of Empire: Colonial Discourse and Javanese Tales
Laurie J. Sears

The Weapons and Fighting Arts of Indonesia
Donn F. Draeger


Indonesian Politics Under Suharto: Order, Development and Pressure for Change
Michael R.J. Vatikiotis

The Politics of Indonesia
Damien Kingsbury

Island of Bali
Miguel Covarrubias

Footprint Indonesia Handbook
Joshua Eliot

Toward A New Paradigm:
Recent Developments in Indonesian Islamic Thought

Mark R. Woodward, Ed.

The Lost Temple of Java
Phil Grabsky

Sadly, the most difficult things to find in the U.S.A. are books by Indonesians, about Indonesia, in English. The major exceptions are books by and about the famous author Pramoedya Ananta Toer; follow the link to search for them.


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