Active Geology

Indonesia is a very active area for geology. There are volcanoes from one end of Indonesia to the other, along with all the unusual things you see in the neighborhood of a volcano. Some of the volcanoes are dangerous, but the soil all through Java is very fertile because of the volcanic dirt.

This is a scene from Ciater Hot Springs park near Bandung. The streams and pools are fed by warm mineral springs, which are created by the heat from nearby volcanoes.

On this Saturday afternoon, the park was full of children on a school outing. (The elephants are just statues for the children to climb on.)

This is the main spring house at Ciater, with warm streams flowing down the hill.

You can even walk out from stone to stone in the warm water--just don't fall in.

This is the main crater of the Tangkuban Perahu volcano, north of Bandung. The volcano hasn't erupted for several years, but you still get a little nervous looking over the edge.

Little vents and springs are still bubbling from the sides of Tangkuban Perahu. This sulfur spring is a short hike from the main crater. You know you're getting close when the rotten-egg smell hits your nose.

Take a look at the scenery aroung Bandung.

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